Alpina has a long and vivid history of changing BMW into something like a surface-to-air missile. This particular E28 B7 Turbo is no exception.

In essence, it’s one of the rarest classic super sedans ever made. Finding one of them is a cause for celebration.

Specific model Alpiny B7 Turbo in one of the 278 copies ever created. All indications are that it is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. The car went on sale through the Auto Enthusiast Group website.

It follows from the announcement that our hero of today was exhibited at the Tokyo motor show in the year it debuted on the market. It was finished in the color Schwarz Blue Mettalic and until 2015 moved on Japanese roads. Then was brought in the Us.

Power is generated by the 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine (code B7/3), alpina4sale greatly improved by Alpine with things like lightweight pistons, a modified cylinder head, other camshafts, reprogrammed Motronic injection, an efficient exhaust system and, of course, a turbocharger.


Alpina deklarowała power at least 320 HP and torque at 520 Nm, which, as for the sedan, from this period was simply stunning. Reaching the first 100 km / h was 6.2 seconds, while the top speed was 262 km / h.

By today’s standards, these figures are quite modest. But then the Alpina B7 Turbo could easily handle the Porsche 911.

Other mechanical changes also include an Alpina oil cooler, an increased friction differential, a larger fuel tank, larger brakes and a set of 17-inch wheels. The car was also equipped with a rare Alpina air conditioning system and a knob to control the boost.

The condition of this model is described as perfect, and the seller guarantees that the owner will not regret any costs for its maintenance. The meter only shows 59,345 miles (95,000 km).

Super sedans would never be what they are today if it weren’t for psychos like Alpina. In those days, the creation of such a car was magical and the B7 Turbo deserves all the love it can get.